3 Tips For Your Year End Budget


It’s that time of year and the scramble is on to spend those budget dollars that we weren’t expecting to have.  October 1st is mere weeks away, so what will you do if required to make a last-minute decision on leftover funding?  Here are 3 ideas on how your end of year budget can be put to work to help achieve President Obama’s goal for Digital Government by 2019.


3 Tips for Your Year End Budget…




1.) Scanning Services – the 2019 Obama deadline approaching quickly, don’t wait until the last minute to get started scanning. End of year fiscal budget can be a good first step, or in some cases, make a significant dent in the scanning projects. Once started, you may choose to continue chipping away with a monthly or quarterly scanning plan. 2019 is right around the corner, so keep up with the Jones’ and don’t procrastinate.


2.) Inventory & Audit – sometimes the records require cleanup, before scanning can start. Are your records lacking organization? Have some but not all, met retention? Do you lack the bandwidth to deal with it? Or maybe you don’t even know where to begin?  Inventory & Audit is a way to free up time and resources, while taking that first step towards Obama’s goal for Digital Government. It’s a ‘Spring Cleaning’ for your records… just in the Fall. ‘Fall Cleaning’ didn’t have a good ring to it.


3.) Scanning Equipment – equipping staff with paper scanners or a new microfilm scanner is a great way to create a more efficient working environment.  Provide a boost by empowering staff with more current technology and refreshing the outdated equipment that slows worker productivity. Happy employees are more productive and who doesn’t smile when they hear they’re getting a new scanner!  It’s not just me, right?


When it’s down to the wire and the money needs to be spent, you need a Scanning Services vendor that’s already qualified; GSA contract, Schedule for Scanning Services, GPO Registered, SPA#, SAM Registered, etc. The boxes have been checked and the proper contracting is in place, so get started going PaperLESS today!


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