information security, disaster recovery, business and IT processes, IT infrastructureIntegra PaperLESS has been providing document management solutions for over 42 years, that experience has allowed us to gain the trust of our clients by always putting the security of their information as a top priority in all of our projects.

Plan for the future by securing your information today

Your enterprise Content Management (ECM) system should offer a variety of security features – including built-in measures and additional security extensions – to ensure your information is protected throughout its lifecycle. This is why Integra uses OnBase by Hyland as our foundation for building a secure solution to capture, identify, process, store and retrieve your critical information.

Protect through user privileges and redaction

Ensure your information is protected by default by assigning…

specific permissions to authorized users of your database. Not only does this help safeguard your information, but it allows you to control everything from default permissions, authentication protocols and varying levels of access right down to the individual document-level.

When users are granted access to specific documents, those documents often have metadata and/or contain sensitive information that the user should not be able to see. Through masking and redaction you can secure your information even more. This can be done automatically according to business rules, or even manually by specific users.

Recover in the event of a disaster

Obviously, you want to keep your information secure, but what happens when disaster strikes? Whether it’s from fire, water damage, electrical failure, etc… having a disaster recovery plan in place will provide your organization with the necessary steps to minimize downtime, reduce the financial impact and even help prevent loss of customer confidence during the recovery time.

Solutions for your organization

Integra PaperLESS would like to invite you to the INTERFACE Boise 2016 conference at the Boise Centre on Tuesday, August 23rd to learn more about current developments in securing information, IT infrastructure and communications. As one of the nation’s most distinguished information technology conferences, INTERFACE Boise will provide you with quality education, case studies, workshops and an opportunity for inter-personal networking that will lead you on the right path to Plan, Protect and Recover.

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