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What’s better than FREE STUFF?!  This is the perfect time to REV-UP the RESEARCH with a new ScanPro AUTO-Carrier™ for your County, Library, Museum, Genealogy or Research Group.  Between June 1, 2018 and August 31, 2018, any current model ScanPro microfilm scanner purchased will receive:

FREE ScanPro AUTO-Carrier™ ($1,795 Value)

FREE 90-Day Trial to AUTO-Scan Pro Software ($425 Value)

ScanPro AUTO-Carrier™ (AC) simplifies everything in the process of using and scanning microfiche & microfilm. Without this technology, users would manually move the carrier to find a desired image, scan, save and repeat. When repeated for high volumes of images, this process can be lengthy and frustrating for users. The AUTO-Carrier eliminates all of this manual work! The motorized carrier is operated entirely by on-screen controls, allowing users to move directly to the desired image anywhere on the fiche with a single click! Users have the option to automatically scan a range of images or the entire Fiche or Roll.

ScanPro AUTO-Scan Pro is an enhancement to the existing software, allowing users to scan Microfiche, 16mm Roll Microfilm, 35mm Roll Microfilm and 3M Roll Film Cartridges at speeds up to 100 images per minute. Without AUTO-Scan Pro, the Scan Pro reverts to the AUTO-Scan software which scans 20 images per minute for both fiche and roll film.

The ScanPro All-In-One really is a Universal Microfilm machine for users to scan on-demand or production scanning. The offer ends soon, so get your FREE AUTO-Carrier Today!!

**** Limited Time, Offer Ends July 31, 2018 ****


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