Education supply forms, payroll documents and funds managementAs school season starts up again and parents head to stores in droves to buy the supplies their children need, it’s also time for schools and school districts to start thinking of how they can improve their own behind the scenes activities. 

Going paperLESS with Integra PaperLESS Business Solutions is worth thinking about for any school, and it’s not just something that businesses can rely on. You can use it for a variety of things including:

• Supply Stocking Forms
• Requisition Slips
• Payroll Related Documents
• Funds Management
• and Much More…

 Think of all the receipts, documents, and forms that a school district has to manage in a year. From info on students to receipts for yearbooks and beyond, each student leads to huge piles of paperwork. Digitizing that eliminates waste, cuts down on hassle, eases recordkeeping, and reduces errors in a huge way. 


The bottom line is that businesses around the country have already benefited from going paperLESS, but schools often generate even more paperwork than a large company. As such, it’s worth paying attention to what paperLESS solutions can offer to you. It could be just what your school needs to cut costs and make things easier on all of your staff.

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