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It seems we make business resolutions every year, but for some reason they continue to be similar, if not the exact same, as last year. Let’s break down the word “Resolution”: Re means to do the same thing over and over and solution means to solve a problem. Well, if we really solved the problem we would not have to keep repeating the solution, would we? So for 2017 let’s get real and just commit to “New Year’s RESolutions” so you and your organization can finally start to organize, share and grow its information like never before!

How do you get started?

First, identify the specific information or workflow issue you are experiencing. Once you have identified the issues within your organization, prioritize them by importance. Once you have identified where to start, let’s review your current process and document an “As Is” scenario. Once we have documented the process “As Is” and all agree let’s begin the discussion on where you would like to implement improvements and document a “To Be” scenario. Once the “To Be” scenario is defined then we need to define the software, hardware, and human needs in order to implement the to-be process. Once all of that has been identified we can start identifying costs to implement the “To Be” scenario and create a budget and timeline.

For more information and guidance on how to get your New Year’s RESolutions underway, contact Integra PaperLESS today!


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