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The Holiday season is upon us, so why not spread a little Holiday Cheer to the office with a new ScanPro All-In-One Microfilm Scanner?!  For a limited time, get a HUGE discount on either the ScanPro 3000 or ScanPro i9300 All-In-One microfilm scanners. Automatically scan both microfilm and microfiche with this amazing new technology!  Offer expires December 28th, 2018.

ScanPro 3000 UCC510 All-In-One™ for $6,795  ($5,900 Discount)

ScanPro 3000 UCC610 All-In-One™ for $7,095  ($5,900 Discount)

 The ScanPro All-In-One now offers more simple operation, allowing users a “Hands-Free” way for Searching, Selecting, & Scanning mirofilm and microfiche!


ScanPro All-In-One Video
– “Hands-Free” … no more moving the carrier to find your image!
– Auto scan the whole fiche, the whole roll or just the images you need!
– ScanPro All-In-One, the first and only universal scanner!
– Scan film and fiche at 100 images per minute with AUTO-Scan® Pro!
– Scan to multi-page PDF and TIF automatically with AUTO-Scan® Pro!
– Create full-text (OCR) multi-page PDFs with Productivity Suite!
– Offer Expires December 28th, 2018.
– Click the button’s below for more information!!


**** Limited Time, Offer Ends December 28, 2018 ****


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