data and document management growthWe all have a story, what’s yours? At Integra PaperLESS our story goes back over 40 years in the Document Management industry. It is what we do and we do it well. Let me tell you a little about how any organization can gain control over their information, arguably one of the most important assets in any organization or industry.

Integra PaperLESS understands information, we understand how it gets made, how it comes into an organization, how it is processed and how it should be retained and stored and retrieved. It is what we do and have done for so many years in the Pacific Northwest. Starting with Microfilm solutions 40 years ago we began helping healthcare organizations manage the mountains of paper records that they had to maintain. As we grew we entered different markets as we developed a reputation and began doing business in a variety of industry’s including local and state government to commercial organizations looking to get control of their information.

From Microfilm fast forward a few years and Scanners entered the picture. Ahhhh the age of “Digitization”. In reality that just changed the type of medium from managing paper to managing digital information. Personally it goes back to my early days when I taught business in schools. At that time we were teaching about record keeping, classification, filing, storing and retrieving paper. That was in 1980! Really what has changed in today’s digital world? Not much except the way in which we classify, file, store and retrieve information that was on the “paper”. A little secret, it was never really about the “paper” its about the data and information that was put on the paper.

Mid-nineties enter the world of Software to help manage all of this digital information! At last everyone would be “PaperLESS”! Not so fast, the reality is that the digital transformation just multiplied the amount of information that we were creating, therefore managing, storing and retrieving and it was doing it as much faster speeds than ever seen before. What was the effect? We now are buried in information and there was no time to proactively manage all of this data. Integra had to evolve once again to be able to help our clients manage this mountain of information that they were now buried with. As the software developed and it became the “norm”, workflow automation started to infiltrate the basic scan, store and retrieve functionality of the earlier software in the document management space. This enabled organizations to gain control of their information and understand their business processes as never before. It enabled organizations to become more efficient than ever before.

What’s next? My belief is that the next frontier for document management company’s is data analytics and helping organizations now understand their data and provide the right data in the right form at the right time. You can be sure that Integra PaperLESS will be right there as we always have been for over 40 years!

What can you do? Don’t be overwhelmed. We got this. Whether it is conversions services, scanning equipment or sophisticated software and workflow solutions you can be sure that Integra PaperLESS will be there to lead our clients along the way!

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