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Paper scanning can be either really easy—scanning merely a page or two, or one of the most daunting tasks you and/or your department will ever take part in. Either way, use this list as a way to identify problems with your paper scanning project before they get out of hand.

Feel free to click on the image to view the infographic, otherwise here are the Top 10 Reasons Paper Scanning Projects Can Go Wrong!

10. Your scanner jams everytime you leave the paperclips on

9. You reached your health insurance deductible solely from paper cuts

8. Last time you scanned a document it ended up being faxed

7. Your IT department told you to update your driver, so you ordered an Uber

6. Your last scan was auto-saved as unknown-14@xbw8!9acd$f2zr69m.txt

5. You wear sunglasses because the light from the scanner is so bright

4. After loading your documents into the tray, you click PRINT

3. You use your scanner’s USB port to charge your phone

2. Your scanner has a “SHARE TO FACEBOOK” button

and the #1 Reason Paper Scanning Projects Can Go Wrong is,

1. The temp you just hired thought Canon was a game on iTunes!

Have you been thinking about tackling a scanning project but not sure where to start, what type of scanner you need, how to prep the boxes of documents, what dpi to scan at, how to index each file, what foldering structure to use, how to setup OCR, what file formats to use, or any of the other numerous factors that could be delaying it? That’s actually great news! We’ve been scanning for over 40 years so there’s no project too big or small that we wouldn’t want to talk with you about. Call 800.444.8688 or say hello at



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