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Launch into a digital world with ECM software

Integra PaperLESS brings business process automation, workflow, and security together so you can access, share, and manage your information like never before—yeehaw!

Why manage your digital documents with amazing Enterprise Content Management software? Because everyone is tired of slow paper-based workflows. What’s more, your remote workforce can’t access paper. While your competitors are up there, floating around on The Cloud, getting things done at rocket speed with automated business processes, your staff is riding an ornery donkey up a mountain pass of paper. It’s slow going and frustrating! Paper-based workflows kill productivity, and cost too much. You need a better document management system.

Enterprise Content Management Software.

Put that old horse out to pasture and put your pennies into ECM software that manages electronic documents.

Integra’s Software Solutions exist in The Cloud (a server on the internet accessed by secure software), eliminating costly in-house physical servers and IT staff to maintain and protect your network.

Cloud solutions are an all-in-one deal: built-in controls, reduced risk, and enhanced compliance. That means you can focus on business processes without worry or added expense. Your physical documents and files are safe in a secure repository and the cloud-based documents can be retrieved, updated, shared, and emailed in one click.

Capture software turns paper into digital documents.

Getting on the digital bandwagon? You need a sweet setup that turns the horse into a rocket (paper to digital). Capture software takes those new electronic documents, applies metadata (so your staff can find them), and loads them into a Document Management System—giddyup!

Redaction Software

This is the digital way to cross out sensitive information with bold black sharpie. Online public records have tons of personal data that threat actors try to steal. Identity theft is expensive and the reclamation period is painful. Reviewing millions of documents to locate and redact this information requires unfeasible manpower and associated resource costs. But automated redaction is a simple and affordable identity theft solution that integrates into your digital document workflow—take that hacker! 

prevent identity theft with redaction software

Forms software:  recognize and collect

With forms recognition software, you can easily capture fields on paper and convert those fields into digital data that’s automatically indexed, no manual entry required.


iPad and Tablet Forms Software:
iPads and tablets are portable devices that allow data collection in the field. Hand-held tablets are user-friendly, cost-effective, and invaluable for on-the-go data entry in the medical industry (Cardiovascular Diseases Data Collectors). Collect data in real-time, at-source, and know it will upload where it needs to go for responsive analysis. 


Software We Recommend

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PaperClip32 logo document imaging and management, ECM, digital records, information security
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PaperVision Enterprise by Digitech Systems ECM software, solutions, document management
Filebound logo business processes, IT infrastructure, protection, accounts payable
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is an alternative to off-site records storage?

An economical alternative to offsite records storage is to scan some or all of your records. Scanning is the preferred option for your records with long term retention of 20+ years. Shorter retention periods can be justified, depending on the frequency of access and amount of sensitive information within the records.

How much does off-site document storage cost?

Offsite document storage can cost as little as $.25 a box per month, depending on security requirements and frequency of access.

What is off-site records storage?

Offsite records storage involves the storing of your archival records at an offsite or remote location, often an outsourced vendor. The purpose can be to reduce real estate expenses or disaster recovery/backup of a second copy.

What does it cost to scan documents?

The cost of scanning your documents varies widely based on (1) volume of your records, (B) average size of each individual document and (III) complexity of your requirements.

Is scanning documents secure?

Scanning documents can be secure, if you use the right system. Document Management and Enterprise Content Management systems provide additional security above that of a traditional Windows folder.

How much does document management cost?

Document management can cost from $1,000’s to $100,000’s and is heavily dependent on an organization’s specific needs. Three contributing factors are volume of records, volume of users and complexity of requirements.

What is enterprise content management?

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a method of applying structure and process to an organization’s digital content, to help automate and track the content from inception to disposition.

How to manage version control on documents

Version control is often difficult to manage in a traditional windows folder environment. To properly manage document versions, track changes and revert back to previous versions, it’s recommended to use a Document Management System or Enterprise Content Management System.

What does document management software do?

Document management software, also referred to as an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), is used to securely capture, store, index, retrieve, distribute and track digital documents.

What is document management?

Document management refers to the organization and structure applied to documents and information related to that document, within an organization. Also referred to as document imaging, enterprise content management or content services, the proper management of documents and information plays a key role in the digital transformation of an organization.

What is a document managment system?

A Document Management System (DMS) is a software application which helps organizations store and manage large amounts of digital documents and information. More evolved systems, called Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or Content Services, include systems such as OnBase and Perceptive Content.

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