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What is a Chain of Custody?

Integra PaperLESS makes it easy to keep track of your documents in transit

Wikipedia sites a Chain of Custody as:

Chain of Custody tracks your documents at all times from the moment they leave your storage room until they land back there (if that’s what you choose). Security matters when you outsource paper records, microfilm, and books to a company who hauls them away for scanning.

Chain of Custody goes like this:

  • An Integra employee pick up your records, face-to-face, and hands you a ‘Delivery Receipt’
  • The ‘Delivery Receipt’ transfers custody of your records to Integra
  • An Integra vehicle safely transports your records to Integra’s conversion facility
  • Your records are checked into Integra’s inventory, stored in the warehouse, and monitored on video
  • For paper records, a second level of security is achieved using a ‘Locked Cage’ within our warehouse
  • For microfilm records, the second level of security is a ‘Bank Vault’—an actual bank vault! (Integra’s facility was originally built as a Bank Datacenter)
  • A short list of approved staff can access the Cage and Vault for checking out records
  • Checking out records requires a sign-off for tracking and is monitored by video surveillance
  • The appropriate work is performed on your records and the records are checked back in
  • Your completed project is delivered to you along with invoice and ‘Acceptance Form’
  • A signed ‘Acceptance Form’ confirms you’ve reviewed the digital records and are happy with the results
  • The ‘Acceptance Form’ also provides options for the physical records to be ‘Returned’, ‘Stored,’ or ‘Destroyed’
  • If your physical records are to be ‘Returned,’ a final ‘Delivery Receipt’ will serve as chain of custody 
  • If your physical records are to be ‘Destroyed,’ your signature on the ‘Acceptance Form’ serves as the final disposition of the records and the records are destroyed

That’s how Custodial History works and it’s the core concept of Records Management. These security controls provide assurance to Integra customers that their records are handled with the proper security and care they deserve.


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Considerations for Chain of Custody Records Handling

• Pickup/Delivery Receipt
• Integra Staff
• Integra Vehicles
• Integra-Owned Facility
• Written Documentation
• Video Surveillance
• Archival Integrity
• Acceptance/Sign-Off
• Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
• and more…



    • To reinforce the security of our customers’ records, Integra is happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
    • Chain of Custody is somewhat synonymous with ‘Provenance’, derived from the French word ‘provenir’, meaning ‘to come from’ or ‘to come forth’.
    • Other terms often used when speaking to Chain of Custody include; Lineage of Data & Provenance.

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