from cabinets to cloud


document scanning

from cabinets to cloud


document scanning

Benefits of scanning paper

Integra PaperLESS makes it easy to modernize your information.

Paper gave pens a purpose ever since we figured out how to kill the planet by turning trees into pulp. We grew up with paper. It’s familiar. But it never played nice with floods or fires, and it needs printers, scanners, copiers, shredders, and storage bunkers. It ages and fades—and flies out windows. Paper was fine when there wasn’t a better way, but digital is now here and it’s cost-effective and does away with expensive bottlenecks. Here’s why scanning paper to digital makes sense:

Direct Costs


• No more long-term storage costs
• Reduce cost of physical retrieval
• No need for paper, clips, staples, staplers, folders...bandaids.

Indirect savings


• Increase staff productivity, collaboration, and satisfaction
• Automation saves time
• Better customer service
• Disaster Recovery
• Fast search, find, and share



• Meet compliance (no penalties)
• Secure your servers
• Back up your files
• Mitigate risk

Hey! Curious about the cost of doing nothing?

Pushing off going digital has a cost too, like overhead and compliance penalties. Overhead costs include real estate for storage, inefficient and time-intensive searching, and purchase and maintenance of equipment such as office supplies, filing cabinets, and microfilm machines. If your information is heavily regulated, there’s increased violation risk when records aren’t backed up, when they could be misfiled or lost, and when they can’t be provided within required time—or are kept past their retention.

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