to retain or to shred? 

FILE Inventory & document Audit Services

The Magic Retention Calculator

(by Integra)


Companies typically look forward. But sometimes, old paper files and stinky boxes of microfilm force you to look backward. Those old medical records, permit applications, case files, and insurance policies have been on the backburner for decades. They were important enough to keep around but never important enough to prioritize. As the trend toward remote work builds, it’s more important than ever to digitize your workflow. And that means finally dealing with those old files. It’s not just so you can put a satisfying checkmark in a box; it’s because the information trapped in those old records could pose a legal liability. Purging could save your butt.

Problem is, most staff may not have the bandwidth or tribal knowledge to confidently classify the documents as Shred or Store—extracting retention-worthy files from the shreddables isn’t black and white. Outside of Accounting, records aren’t usually filed by date. They could be alphabetical or by ID#. If only there was a Magic Retention Calculator that could do the work!

There is. Integra is your Magic Retention Calculator—otherwise known as Document Inventory & File Audit.

When Inventory & Audit is a good fit:

• Files are filed alphabetically or by number, NOT date
• Accuracy of filing is a concern
• Retention is required
• No staff bandwidth
• Legal risk
• Your policy requires signoff or destruction list
• Retention knowledge is lacking
• Records consume valuable storage space
• Disaster recovery is a concern
• You don’t have a Magic Retention Calculator? …ask Willy Wonka

Quick facts

You’re NOT the only one with old records hiding in file cabinets, basements, and warehouses.

Matt Solomon is a pretty incredible dude #IIMDA

Integra has a Magic Retention (audit) Calculator

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