from film to fully digital


Microfilm & microfiche scanning

from film to fully digital


Microfilm & microfiche scanning

The benefits of a microfiche scanning service

Integra PaperLESS makes it easy to modernize your information.

Chances are, the microfilm, microfiche, or microforms you have is the ONLY copy. If you lose it to disaster or degradation it’s gone. But the cost of digitization and the effort required keeps you from making that film digital. The unrealized benefits of work productivity, employee satisfaction, and data security make it worth taking a closer look at modernizing your microfiche to digital. After all, which of your staff really wants to volunteer to be the ‘expert’ on your old microfilm machine that your grandmother used? Use a microfilm scanning service for high-quality microfiche conversion.


Before Cloud backup, we created microfilm duplicates and store those backup copies somewhere else. Funny thing, many of those duplicate copies were stored in such a safe location that nobody knows where they are anymore. In the event the microfilm duplicate has been lost and the records require permanent retention, digitizing the microfilm original is the only “safe” solution. Once digitized, many customers maintain the roll microfilm as the archival copy or send the microfilm to State Archives for permanent storage.


Going digital means advanced search and find functionality. This includes tailored indexing, keywords, metadata, appropriate file naming or categrorization, and the option to do full-text searching (OCR). You also choose where you want your files stored: shared drive, imported into an existing Content Management System, uploaded to SharePoint, or hosted on Integra’s Cloud. No more cumbersome analog ‘browsing’ of microfilm images!  Find information at the click of a button and share it with those who need it—fast.

Types of microforms

• 16mm Roll Microfilm
• 35mm Roll Microfilm
• 105mm Microfiche
• Aperture Cards
• 16mm Microfilm Jackets
• 35mm Microfilm Jackets
• COM Microfiche
• UltraFiche
• 3M Cartridges
• Micro Opaques

Quick facts

  • Microfilm was the original “PaperLESS” solution, compacting boxes of records down to small rolls of film.
  • Becoming standard procedure in the 1950’s, microfilm grew in popularity into the 1980’s & 1990’s.
  • Also popular in the 80’s & 90’s was the band Pandora’s Box—our Rockstar Technician, Roger, was the drummer !
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