too big to tackle all at once?


scan to budget

How do you scan to budget?


That scanning project that’s been kicked around for a decade and just fell on your lap is a biggie—like, elephant-sized! It’s so big you’d rather ignore it than deal with it. We call that deciding to do nothing.The burden gets pushed off for someone else—but that costs more than modernizing your paper mayhem right now. So if you’re tired of paying for document storage facilities, here’s how to turn high volumes of paper documents into electronic documents: scan small batches at a time (according to your budget). Say goodbye to filing cabinets (and natural disasters) forever.

Steps to Scan to Budget:

  • What’s your budget?
  • What volume of records?
  • What meets retention? (what files do you have to keep?)
  • Develop a plan (that’s our job!)
  • Apply your budget to the plan
  • Scan to Budget

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Quick Facts

  • Elephants are one of the smartest animals on the planet
  • Old paper is a vehicle for bacterial pathogens—gross!

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