ap automation

Automate AP and reach your goals

Integra PaperLESS makes it easy to leverage early payment discounts.

How do you drive down costs? By improving the payment process. And yet, Accounts Payable still runs on paper for too many businesses. Paper invoicing is prone to errors and doesn’t provide a complete picture of cash flow at each stage of the payment process.

Don’t get hit with late payment fees! Configure your AP department with modules that integrate seamlessly into your workflow and scale to your enterprise. Digitally transform your Accounts Payable department with industry-leader, OnBase.

Pitch paper, pinpoint the process gaps, and pay on time to leverage early payment discounts! 

Start with intelligent data capture, turning paper invoices and purchase orders digital. In a few clicks, see what’s going on with invoices, receipts, checks, contracts, the approval process, and cash flow. Track payments with improved visibility and control each stage of your AP processes from the dashboard, maximizing efficiency. Reduce errors and decrease invoice processing time and cost per invoice. 

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